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Night Boat Tour in the Mangroves


Our night mangrove tour is a fascinating experience, and it is an activity that nature lovers should not miss.

The mangrove forest where we operate this impressive expedition is in the estuary Paquita River, approximately 25 minutes from the Manuel Antonio Park and most hotels. The boat expedition through the mangroves during the dark hours of the night will give you a great opportunity to find some incredible species that inhabit this amazing ecosystem.

Costa Rica has approximately the 4 percent of the world's biodiversity. This makes it to be one of the best places for observing wildlife on the entire planet. However, many animals cannot be found during daylight hours, therefore it is extremely important to explore the forest at night. It is during the first hours of the night that the animals come out of their hiding places to look for their food, while also hiding from all their predators. Experiencing the wildlife at night allows you to fully enjoy wildlife behavior to the highest level.

The mangrove forest is an extremely important habitat worldwide, its dense forests host an impressive population of wild species, such as monkeys, sloths, kinkajous, raccoons, crocodiles, turtles, snakes, many species of birds, and much more... A large percentage of the animals in the mangroves are nocturnal, so having an expedition during the night will allow you to have a greater appreciation of the many species from this forest.

Our team of naturalists will take you on an amazing and memorable expedition inside the dense mangrove habitats, where we will navigate different channels in the river for finding some incredible wild species that inhabit this epic ecosystem. During the activity you will learn from the great knowledge of your naturalist guide. Besides of having the great opportunity to take some fascinating photographs to the different wild species.

During this activity there will not be any type of hike at all. So, the tour is fully accessible for all ages and health conditions.

This tour will take you to the next nature level in the jungle. A memorable experience to enjoy while vacationing Manuel Antonio. We look forward to meeting you!!

Tour info

  • 3 hrs
  • Transportation, a nice and comfortable boat, two powerful lights for the night, one nature specialist, one crocodile hunter and one captain for driving the boat, typical dinner and drinks after the tour
  • US $70 per person


Night Boat Tour in the Mangroves Photo Gallery