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Manuel Antonio Jungle Night Tour


Costa Rica is a small country which has approximately the 4 percent of the world's biodiversity. This makes it one of the best places to observe wildlife on the entire planet. However, a large number of animals cannot be found during daylight hours, therefore it is extremely important to explore the forest at night. It is during the first hours of the night that the animals come out from their hiding places to look for food, while also hiding from all their predators in the jungle. Experiencing wildlife at night allows you to enjoy the wildlife behavior to the highest level.

Our night walking tour takes place in the Rainmaker Park, located approximately 30 minutes from the Manuel Antonio Park area. Rainmaker is the place where the reappearance of the harlequin frog happened, a species of frog that was considered to be almost extinct. After this impressive discovery, Rainmaker became to one of the most important places for Herpetology studies in all Costa Rica. The Rainmaker Park trails are easy, accessible and with optimal conditions for people of all ages. The Rainmaker ecosystem is rich in amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds, insects, and much more. During this walk you will be able to observe emblematic species such as the red-eyed frog (the most photographed frog in the world), bats, spiders, owls, snakes, many interesting insects and a great list of different frog species.

The walk duration is approximately 2 hours. Led by a certified and specialized guide for this type of activity. During the tour we carry special equipment for the greatest enjoyment of wildlife, and we also deliver flashlights for each of the visitors.

After the walk in the jungle we will enjoy a delicious typical dinner, while enjoying the magical sound of the animals at the middle of the rain forest.

The night walk is an excellent option to complement the appreciation of nature while you are in Manuel Antonio. We are waiting for you!

Note: We do not do the night walk within the Manuel Antonio National Park because the Manuel Antonio park closes completely after 4:00 PM based on the constitutional labor laws in Costa Rica. However, Manuel Antonio Park does not have a habitat rich in herpetofauna, so Rainmaker Park turns out to be the best option for a night walk in the entire Manuel Antonio Park area and surrounding places.

Tour info

  • 3 hrs
  • Transportation, entrance fee to the park,professional LED lights for each customer, one nature specialist, typical dinner and drinks after the walk
  • US$59 per person
  • 5:10 pm
  • Camera, hiking shoes, long pants, insect repellent, bottle of water and your own lights if you wish


Manuel Antonio Jungle Night Tour Photo Gallery