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Tours in Manuel Antonio National Park

About Manuel Antonio Park

Manuel Antonio National Park is considered as one of the best places for wildlife observation in all of Costa Rica, due to the high concentration of species in together in one place. Manuel Antonio National Park was created in 1972 with the main purpose of conserving its incredible biodiversity. Manuel Antonio Park is the smallest park in Costa Rica. However, it has an important combination of habitats such as lakes, rivers, mangroves, primary forest, and secondary forest, all these different ecosystems allow the wildlife to be well developed at a large scale in a small area.

The biodiversity of Manuel Antonio Park is highly varied. In Manuel Antonio Park we have approximately 110 species of mammals and 190 birds.

Among the most outstanding species that we can mention are the white-faced monkey, three-toed sloth, two-toed sloth, howler monkey, and the squirrel monkey, this last is an endemic subspecies of Manuel Antonio Park.

You can also find many different birds in the Manuel Antonio Park, such as toucans, hawks, tanagers, herons, kingfishers, sea birds, among others.

The reptile's population in Manuel Antonio Park is also very varied, it is possible to observe different species of lizards and crocodiles inside the mangrove forest, as different species of snakes. There is also a wide variety of insects and crustaceans that are easy to observe. These are just some of the characteristics of its biodiversity that make visiting the Manuel Antonio National Park an unforgettable experience.

Manuel Antonio National Park Tour Options

Manuel Antonio National Park Group Tour

Group Tour

Manuel Antonio National Park Private Tour

Private Tour

Manuel Antonio National Park Grou Tour

Without transportation



Edgar was fantastic!

He "made" the tour. Though it was incredible to just walk through the National Park, his expertise allowed us to see a ton of animals. He was fun, hilarious, and knowledgable. Such a wonderful day. Can't wait to be back!


Mauricio is the one!

Mauricio was super knowledgeable and a great guide. His bird songs were amazing


Great Experience!

Mario made the trip very interesting with all of the information on the area as well as the forest. He was a wonderful tour guide that made the trip fun!


Knowledgeable guide with a sharp eye

Experienced guide who spotted so many species we would have missed on our own. Great day. Small group. Engaging for me and my 13 yo son. Would recommend.


I booked this same trips over Thanksgiving weekend in 2017 and it was great. So, when I brought my grandkids to Costa Rica, I knew who to book with. Edgar was our guide. Not only did he know his flora/fauna but he was entertaining as well. He asked what we wanted to see especially . . . sloths, monkeys, toucans, snake, as well as the usual things in the park. We saw everything and more. We really enjoyed our tour with Edgar and appreciate his taking photos through his camera for us. We have some amazing pictures to take home.


Fun Tour Guide makes your trip well worthy!

We are so happy that Edgar took us to our tour today. We got picked up 7:05am, before we headed out to the park Edgar was👂hearing something. He set up his binocular and showed us a Fruit Loop Bird(Toucan Sam) right outside of our hotel‼️ Then we took off but less than a min he 👀spotted something and tells the driver to pull over😆 OMG 😱 A Sloth, a Sloth, Sloth😍😍 He was hanging over on the tree above the road we have been driving everyday. We kept asking Edgar how did you know❓How did you see this❓We would never had known what to look for if we went into the jungle ourselves. He just smiled and said that's why I'm taking you to the tour😆 We were so excited about the whole 4hrs of today's tour😍 If you have chance to go Costa Rica, please contact Jade Tour and ask for Edgar🤗Edgar was SO friendly✔️ knowledgeable ✔️ (had answers to all our questions and he explains to us in most amusing way😂 ) But most of all he made us LOL🤣 all day✔️


Two thumbs up!

Mario, our guide, had an eagle eye and was able to spot everything from monkeys and tons of sloths down to the tiniest rainbow colored insects and knew everything imaginable about every one of them. He's like a walking encyclopedia with a bionic eye. Totally amazing. I highly recommend. And the bonus is Mario is an expert photographer who's submitted photos to National Geographic (and had one printed in the magazine) and takes photos of all the animals he showed us and sends us a link with everything. Even my teenaged daughters loved this tour.


Wonderful Manuel Antonio Park Tour

This was a great tour experience. Mario was a very knowledgeable tour guide. He explained the animals and insects we saw in great detail and it was a very educational experience. The park is beautiful and the transportation service to and from the park was great. A sandwich with homemade guava jelly at the end of the tour was also great!


Great Tour

Daughter and I had a great tour with Mario. He was so adept at spotting animals and insects, that we would never have seen without Mario's expertise. So knowledgeable about the local eco system and a pleasure to be around. Would definitely recommend to anyone in the Manuel Antonio area.


Mario was an awesome tour guide, would absolutely recommend this tour!! Highlight of trip!

I had an exceptional experience on this tour. my sister and I drove ~2 hours each way for the Manual Antonio for the nature walk and it was well worth it. Our tour guide Mario was awesome— he was very knowledgeable and engaging, and he had an eye for spotting things you'd never see in the park without a guide. We saw and learned about sloths, monkeys, birds, insects, lizards, butterflies, and more. Without a telescope, you wouldn't get anywhere near the full experience offered by Manual Antonio. I highly recommend this tour and Mario!


What a Great time!

My favorite part was how knowledgeable Juan castro was of all the animals and the forest. I learned so much. He really made sure everyone got a view of all the animals through his telescope. He was awesome.


Sloths and Monkeys in Manuel Antonio Park

We did the group tour with Mario and he was fantastic. He found so many animals that we never would have seen on our own and was able to focus his telescope on them so we could see them up close. We saw several different types monkeys, both two-toed and three-toed sloths, black iguanas, toucans, interesting insects, crabs, etc. The guides worked together to find -the animals which was cool. You could tell Mario was one of the more experienced and respected guides giving tours. He also took great pictures and provided a free upload link.



Bea was fantastic. What a thrill and treat to see so many animals and have an expert teach us about them. What an incredible park and what a perfect day for our family.


Manuel Antonio National Park

A very interesting experience.Mario,our guide had a deep knowledge of fauna and flora.Totally recommended.


Amazing Manuel Antonio Park tour

Our guide Royvin Arce was amazing and knowledgeable about all the local flora and fauna, and was very friendly. His ability to get pictures of, and find tiny camouflaged animals was amazing, and he was super courteous and friendly. If you can get him as your guide, do it. He also provided us with extra pictures that he had taken on his own time, but the attached pictures are what he took with our phones, amazingly.


Excellent tours!

Mario was excellent! Very knowledgeable and made the tour entertaining! He was fully committed to trying to help us find all kinds of animals! We saw some poisonous frogs, 2 boas, a baby croc and many other things! We also did the Manuel Antonio day tour with Mario the next morning and that was amazing as well! Saw a bunch of white face monkeys, a sloth with her baby too! Highly recommend!


Definitely go with a tour guide!

Our tour guide Andre was so knowledgeable and clearly was passionate about his job and the local wildlife, made our experience very enjoyable!


Manuel Antonio Day Walk

Our tour guide, Mario, seemed to genuinely enjoy spotting the local flora and fauna hidden throughout Manuel Antonio and pointing out facts about each and every one of them. The man has eagle eyes and using his spotting lens he was able to show each animal in great detail. Sometimes, even after directing us where he was looking, I still was unable to find what we could clearly see in the lens. As such, I would recommend hiring a guide such as this to get the most out of your tour of the park. We got lucky and saw 4 different troops of white faced monkey and even got to see one just out of arms reach. Highly would recommend this tour group as the guides seem passionate about their work while remaining professional and friendly.


Great Experience!!

We originally were going to go to the park alone, but we're so glad we booked this tour instead. We had the pleasure of having Mario as our guide, and he made the experience so much more special. He was very knowledgeable about al the wildlife in the park, and took the time to explain everything we saw. We learned so much from insects to animals to trees. He also was kind enough to take pictures of everything we saw for us on our phones allowing us to keep the memories forever! We highly recommend booking this your and learning everything about there is at the park. You won't regret it!



Thx to andrey for such a great tour. He take he's time to explain everything. And thanks to the driver cristian he is a good person.


Amazing tour with Roy

We went on a guided morning tour with Royvin Arce as a guide. We were 6 people on the tour and thanks to Roy we managed to see so many cool animals. Sloths, a cayman, squirrel monkeys, snakes and much more. We would have never been able to spot these animals oursevles but thanks to Roy we managed to both see them and get some awesome photos taken. We had about a million questions and Roy patiently answered all of them with all of his knowledge. Amazing tour experience and we highly recommend both this company and Roy!


Best chance to see wildlife

Great experience walking through the park with our Guide Royvin. We were able to see two sloths, two species of monkeys, toucans, and many other creatures we had not seen yet at other CR parks. Thankful our guide went slow and took the time to find creatures for us to see and learn about. Robin was also good at taking photos for us in his spotting scope. Things to know before you go: Don't bring food (they check the bags before entering the park for food). Do bring a swimsuit if you are wanting to swim for a few while at the beach portion of the tour.


Must for visiting the Manuel Antonio Park if you want to see animals

Mario was a great your guide. Knowledgeable and patient. There's no way we would have seen most of the animals we saw today (sloths, toucan, king fisher, white faced monkeys, hummingbirds, butterflies, crabs, black and green iguanas).