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Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio Park has wonderful green habitats and a rich wildlife combined with the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. Walking through the forest of Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the best experiences during your Costa Rica vacation.

Manuel Antonio Park has one of the highest concentrations of wildlife together in one place, all protected as a true world natural treasure. The great variety of vegetation allows this habitat to host many species such as white-faced monkeys, squirrel monkeys and toucans...

Manuel Antonio National Park
Manuel Antonio National Park

Besides of forest and beautiful beaches, the Manuel Antonio National Park offers a great combination of ecosystems at the same area (Tropical Humid Forest, a mangrove, marine environments, islands, and a lagoon of 14 hectares), this great combination of habitats allow species of flora and fauna in danger of extinction to coexist.

In a nature guided walk with a naturalist tour guide, you can enjoy several trails that will take you through a primary and secondary forest. You will also enjoy amazing ocean views and photograph the amazing wildlife that inhabits the Manuel Antonio National Park. Manuel Antonio Park has no tour guides itself. Therefore, Manuel Antonio National Park works with Costa Rica Jade Tours. This is a fully ICT Certified Tour Operator for Manuel Antonio Park. Jade Tours is classified as one of the best Tour Agencies in Costa Rica (highly recommended by the most popular magazines in the world such as Fodors, Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor).

Manuel Antonio National Park is located at Quepos (Cantón), Puntarenas (Province), with coordinates: 366000 - 372000 N and 446000 - 462000 O, Sheet 3344 II, Quepos. According to the Costa Rica Transversal Mercator (CRTM) projection, the Manuel Antonio Park is between the coordinates: 1032000 - 1040000 N and 472000 – 488000. This information is based on official data of the National Geography, University of Costa Rica.

Manuel Antonio National Park

History of Manuel Antonio National Park

The story started with the discovery of the incredible biodiversity that Costa Rica has. Our country has very strongly presented an important natural phenomenon called endemism. This phenomenon refers to the populations of endemic species with distribution only in Costa Rica throughout the world.

When Costa Rica did not have protected areas such as national parks or biological reserves, the main economic industry in our country was agriculture and cattle farming. Therefore our country was destined to disappear the forests for developing this industry. However, the history changed when two european biologists decided to undertake an expedition to the jungles of our country, this was officially the very first expedition for scientific study purposes in Costa Rica. The visit of these biologists meant the beginning of a great change in Costa Rica. These two naturalists discovered that Costa Rica was a great treasure with new species due to the percentage of endemic species that weren't discovered yet by science. After this event, Costa Rica immediately had a great explosion of scientific visitors, who wanted to come to study our incredible biodiversity and habitats. It was then when Costa Rica became a highly popular nature bomb internationally. After being a very unknown country, Costa Rica became the country in fashion for naturalists from around the world to come and discover species never seen before by science.

This great international popularity encouraged our government to create the system of national parks and biological reserves for the purpose of protecting our great treasure (nature).

The creation of the Manuel Antonio Park occurred in 1972. Previously, the people of the local community began to carry out several strikes against the prohibition of visiting the beaches in the area, as this place was of great importance for the local community and some foreign investors had a great interest in developing the area as a tourist center. As a result of these events, the Costa Rican government created Manuel Antonio Park.

The name Manuel Antonio was due to a local man who lived in the same area of the Manuel Antonio Park, he was very loved by the community. Manuel Antonio and his family lived on the beach currently known as the Manuel Antonio beach, which by the way has been awarded worldwide as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Before visiting the beach, local people used to mention the name of Manuel Antonio as the reference of the place. Therefore the Costa Rican government decided to keep the name after him, as an honor to the local people.

Park Opening hours

  • Timing for visiting Manuel Antonio Park: From 7:00AM to 3:00PM
  • Closed on Tuesday
  • Purchasing tickets to enter the Manuel Antonio National Park is only online (there is not a physical office to buy the tickets).
  • The guided tours run at 7:20AM and 12:20PM

Park Services

  • Fountains with drinkable water
  • Changing rooms and clean showers at the beach area
  • Healthy and clean Toilets
  • Nice infrastructure of trails
  • Naturalist Official Tour Guides
  • A nice coffee shop with food service and souvenirs

Park Rates

Park tickets for Costa Rican and residents:

  • Adults: ₡1,808.00 Costa Rican Colones
  • Costa Rican children aged 6 to 12: ₡565.00 Costa Rican Colones

Park tickets for foreigners or non-residents:

  • Adults: USD $18,08
  • Children under 12: USD $5,65

Nature tour Rates

Tours include official naturalist guide and park tickets.

Group Tour:

  • USD $55 (adult) & USD $43 (children under 12)
  • Infants are free (under 2 years old)

Private Tour:

  • USD $95 per person (adult) & USD $83 (children under 12).
  • Infants are free (under 2 years old)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I visit Manuel Antonio Park on my own?

Answer: Yes, you can enter the park and walk by yourself.

2. How can I purchase the ticket to visit the park on my own?

Answer: Please purchase your ticket for a self-guided visit HERE

3. How much is the ticket to enter the park on my own?


  • Park tickets for Costa Rican and resident: Adult: 1808 Costa Rican Colones
  • Costa Rican children aged 6 to 12: 565 Costa Rican Colones
  • Adult (no resident): USD $18,08
  • Children (no resident) under 12: USD $5,65

4. Is it true that the Manuel Antonio Park Tickets are used by name and passport number?

Answer: Yes. When you purchase your Park Tour or Park Ticket you should provide the complete name plus passport number.

5. What is the best time for visiting Manuel Antonio Park?

Answer: The best time to visit Manuel Antonio Park is during the early morning, as it is not as hot. Although, the afternoon is a particularly good time as well, especially after 1:00 PM.

6. Can I get a professional tour guide as we get to Manuel Antonio Park?

Answer: We highly recommend you book the tour online better, to make sure of having a certified tour guide rather than trying to find someone outside the park.

7. If I book a tour online, do I have to purchase the entrance ticket apart?

Answer: No. The tour includes the entrance ticket to the Manuel Antonio Park.

8. Is it recommendable to drive to the park instead of being picked for the tour?

Answer: Depends on your plans. If you would like to stay inside the park after the tour to keep enjoying the nice beaches. Then, we recommend you drive. So, you can exit the park at any time and go back to your hotel using your own transportation.

9. Does the park include the parking for my car?

Answer: No. Manuel Antonio Park has no parking lot. You need to find a place to park your car and pay the parking fee on your own. We highly recommend you to park your car at the parking lots next to the park entrance gate. The parking lot fee is approximately $7 (day).

10. Can I exit the Manuel Antonio Park and re-enter with the same ticket on the same day?

Answer: No. The Manuel Antonio Park ticket works for one entrance visit. In case if you leave, then you would need to purchase a new ticket for re-entering.

11. Can I bring food to the park?

Answer: No. Manuel Antonio Park has restricted any kind of food. You can't bring food to the park at all. Only water is allowed.

12. How can I spend my day inside the Manuel Antonio Park if is not allowed to bring food?

Answer: The Manuel Antonio Park has a coffee shop close to the beaches, where you can buy snaks, fruits and drinks while you enjoy your visit.

13. What happens if it rains, and I don't want to get wet?

Answer: The rain is part of our nature in Costa Rica. We highly recommend you come prepared for rain, especially during the rainy season (May to December).

14. If I don't show up on the confirmed time of the Manuel Antonio Park ticket. Can I still enter the park later the same day?

Answer: No. The Manuel Antonio Park tickets work for specific times. You should visit the park based on the confirmed date and time of your ticket.

15. If I book a tour. Can I reschedule the tour for a different day?

Answer: It is possible to reschedule the tour based on availability. To reschedule, you should send a request in advance. Contact Us

16. Why is it so important to visit the Manuel Antonio Park with a tour guide?

Answer: The guide is a professional nature interpreter. The certified guide will show you the many animals that inhabit this forest. And you will be educated about the flora and fauna (animals and plants). As well, the guide will teach how to identify the poisonous plants and how to safely walk through the paths in the forest.

17. How big are the tour groups?

Answer: The tour group is 10 people maximum. Although, we try as much as possible the tour group to be smaller.

18. Can I get a private tour rather than a group tour?

Answer: Yes, we have the private tour option a available.

19. How can I book the nature tour for the Manuel Antonio Park?

Answer: Please book your tour here: RESERVATIONS

20. What is the regular Price for the Manuel Antonio Park Tour?

Answer: The regular price for the tour is $55 per person. Children from 2 to 12 years old $43 and is free for children under 2 years old.

21. What is the schedule time for visiting the Manuel Antonio Park?

Answer: The Park is open from 7:00 a.m. at 3:00 p.m. From Wednesday to Monday. CLOSED ON TUESDAY. The Manuel Antonio is also open for the important holidays of the year.

22. Are all the tours inside the Manuel Antonio Park?

Answer: No. The only tour inside the Park is the Manuel Antonio Park Nature Tour with a professional certified guide. The other tours are outside, near the Manuel Antonio Park.

23. Is the Manuel Antonio Park accessible for wheel chair?

Answer: Yes, Manuel Antonio Park has an excellent infrastructure for wheel chairs.

24. Can I get a wheelchair upon request?

Answer: No. Manuel Antonio Park has no wheelchairs available. You should bring your own wheelchair in case if you need it.

25. Can we do overnights inside the park?

Answer: No. Manuel Antonio Park does not offer the overnight service either it is allowed to camp in the park.

26. Can I bring my dog to Manuel Antonio Park?

Answer. The only dogs allowed are trained dogs for handicap people. You should bring the certification of your trained dog.